Sunday, February 10, 2013

Soul Mate

This tutorial is © Mich Creations 2013. It may not be copied without my permission.

 I made this Tag using " Soul Mate " Kit of Jenny's Designz 

You need a license to use verymany's tube called " Nelly ", 

you can buy this at PFD

Mask of VixPSP

Let's Start

Open a Canvass 600x600

Make a Quick Rectangle Shape and fill it up with Black

Open the mask, copy as a new layer and close the original

Recolor it and reduce Opacity

Open the tube, resize and copy and close the original

Open the bear, resize and copy, close the original

Do the same to all the elements that you choose

Apply Drop Shadows to all the elements

Add copyright info and license

Save as png and you're done

Enjoy your new Tag




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